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7. "The South's Gonna Do It Again" By The Charlie Daniels Band

Lynyrd skynyrd Songs | 7.
Photo credit: The Charlie Daniels Band Facebook

Charlie Daniels is a master at blending genres to create a unique sound, which is a mixture of country, blues, and of course, Southern rock. Skynyrd's connection to the country legend is strong...they actually reunited for the first time following the plane crash at Daniels' Volunteer Jam in 1979. After the band officially reunited in 1987, they once again took to the stage at the Volunteer Jam. 

Daniels scored a top 30 hit in 1975 with the Southern anthem "The South's Gonna Do It Again," and you can't have a song about the South without mentioning Skynyrd. Daniels names off many other artists and groups in the song, including Willie Nelson and ZZ Top, but Skynyrd gets a mention in the first verse:

"People down in Florida can't be still,
When ol' Lynyrd Skynyrd's pickin' down in Jacksonville."

Did you ever notice these songs' references to Skynyrd before? Can you think of any other songs that mention them or their iconic hits?

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