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They Adopted Two Children And When They Meet It Brings Tears To Your Eyes

Family Songs | They Adopted Two Children And When They Meet It Brings Tears To Your Eyes | Country Music Videos

Adoption is a long drawn out process that is very stressful for both the child and the hopeful parent-to-be. In this case, that time of stress and anxiety is over and they can finally become a family. 

Brandon and Jen Hatmaker, a couple from Austin, Texas, started the process to adopt two children from Ethiopia and are finally getting to meet them. It was a long process and one that has a very sweet ending, with both children eventually coming home with the couple. The children are 7 year old Ben and 5 year old Remy, who are not actual siblings, but had formed such a strong bond in the orphanage that it seemed cruel to separate them. So the Hatmaker's chose them both and what an amazing decision that is.

The video begins by showing Jen wiping away tears as they drive up to the orphanage to meet Ben and Remy for the very first time. But it's the kids reactions that really get the tears flowing. 

The first to run up is Ben, and he runs into his new mom's arms for the first of many warm hugs. Then Remy comes forward and goes to new dad, Brandon, for a hug of her own. The joy on both the children's faces and their new parents faces is very apparent, and when Ben touches Brandon's face you are brought to the reality that these children don't know what it is like to be loved or have a family, and they finally have one. 

Check out the emtional video below. 

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