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Stuttering Comedian Goes On America's Got Talent, And You Won't Believe What One Judge Does! (WATCH)

Stuttering Comedian Goes On America's Got Talent, And You Won't Believe What One Judge Does! (WATCH) | Country Music Videos

When you look at Drew Lynch backstage at America's Got Talent, he looks like a regular guy chasing his stand-up comedy dream.  When he starts talking, he has a very noticeable speech impediment.

With a stutter, Drew explains that he didn't always talk the way he does now.  While he was playing softball, a grounder hit him in the throat and damaged nerves in his vocal chords.  The experience made him change the way he viewed himself.  Fighting back tears, Drew says he used to be a jerk and the person he once was, would not talk to person he is today.  He used to think people were lucky to talk to him and now he's lucky to get full words out. 

Onstage, the comedian gets emotional talking about how his girlfriend took on three jobs so he could pursue his dream.  What a gal! He has the judges laughing even before he started his act! He pokes fun about struggling with his stutter, how hard it is talking at the Drive-Thru, imagining how it would be if his voice were someone's GPS, and standing up to people who think it's wrong to make fun of his own disability.  

He got the crowd laughing and standing on their feet with his amazing delivery and clever jokes.  Comedian and Judge Howie Mandel even gave him a standing ovation! The judges told him how beautiful it is that he took his situation and turned it into a positive. Mel B went on to say she loved him even more because he was laughing at his own jokes! He shrugged and said, "I wrote them, so..." and got even more laughs! 

Howie Mandel does something he's never done before and pushes the gold button that sends Drew straight to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall! 

Drew's journey on America's Got Talent was a long one. He placed second in the entire competition losing out to a ventriloquist, but he inspired so many people like him, and he gained so many fans, it's basically like he won.

Watch Drew's emotional story below! 

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