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The Way These Guys Drove This Truck Onto A Ship Will Make You Scream

The Way These Guys Drove This Truck Onto A Ship Will Make You Scream | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: YouTube/Devid Ava

We'll be honest with you. The next minute will be one of the most suspenseful minutes of your entire life. 

For some reason we will never know, this huge black truck absolutely needed to be on this ship and apparently the only way anyone could think of getting it on the ship was by having it drive over two flimsy looking planks.

We know that cars get shipped on boats all the time, but normally they are transported onto these boats using a very sturdy ramp and safety is everyone's No. 1 priority.

Safety was pretty much thrown out of the window this time. When the video begins, the truck has already begun its journey across the planks. Over the next 57 seconds, you will be on the edge of your seat as it slowly crosses over the water.

You can hear people screaming as the truck drives across the planks, which seem to almost give way while bearing the weight of the entire vehicle. 

We won't spoil the ending for you, so make sure you watch the video below to see if the truck makes it onto the ship!
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