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Most Inspirational Anti-Bullying Song Leaves Judges In Tears On Britain's Got Talent! (WATCH)

Most Inspirational Anti-Bullying Song Leaves Judges In Tears On Britain's Got Talent! (WATCH) | Country Music Videos
Simon Cowell pushed the 'Golden Buzzer' button himself, and sent this amazingly, inspirational duo straight to the live semi-finals!

The sweet-sounding British rapping/singing duo, "Bars & Melody" left the judges, and the crowd in tears!

The two boys explained that they found each other, and bonded over their love and appreciation of music.

The rapper of the two, ("BarsLeondre Devries), explains how growing up, he suffered beatings and harsh words from bullies.

Devries explained that he had to change schools because of how bad the bullying got.

The inspirational, little rapper left the judges in tears, as he rapped about his struggles with going to school and wanting to learn, but getting bullied instead.

These two boys are a match-made-in-Heaven, complimenting each other's amazing talents with the talents of their own.

The singer, ("Melody" Charlie Lenehan), explains that Leondre is so cheeky and positive, because of how happy the music's made him!

The overall performance is incredibly touching, and after the inspirational boys finish their act, the entire audience chants, "Push the gold", to send the boys to the final round.

Currently, their performance has been viewed over 76 million times on YouTube, and continues to be an inspiration for people struggling with bullying.

In their special audition, Bars & Melody sings a rendition of Twista and Faith Evans' "Hope", and replaces the original lyrics with a verse protesting the harsh realities and struggles of bullying.

Check out why this video has gone viral, and see for yourself how inspirational two young boys can really be!
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