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Faith Hill - Stealing Kisses (WATCH)

Faith hill Songs | Faith Hill - Stealing Kisses (WATCH) | Country Music Videos
It's late enough all you kids should be home
The policeman says as he takes your beer for his own
You remember wondering what his wife
Thought about his occupation

He knows that you were just chasing a dream
To the town line and then back and over again
So he winks at you girls
And tells you all "I'll see you later"

I was stealing kisses from a boy
Now I'm begging affection from a man
In my house dress don't know you who I am
I'm standing in your kitchen

It's late enough your husband's dinner is cold
So you wrap it up and leave it for him on the stove
It's probably the traffic again
Or another important meeting

And you haven't talked to an adult all day
'cept your neighbor who drives you crazy
When he finally gets in he's sure not in the mood for talking

And hours become days and days become years
And you could burn down this town
If they made matches from fear
But you're no worse off than anybody else
Hey don't you even know, don't you even know yourself

So you're standing outside your high school door
The one you walked out of twenty years before
And you whisper to all of the girls, run, run, run

I was stealing kisses from a boy
Now I'm begging affection from a man
In my house dress don't you know who I am
Take a look at who I am, I'm stealing kisses
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