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George Jones - A Goodbye Joke (WATCH)

George jones Songs | George Jones - A Goodbye Joke (WATCH) | Country Music Videos

No, she not gone forever
She's just playing one of her games
And tonight when I get home
Everything will be the same

'Cause when I woke up this morning
Yes, I found her goodbye note
It's just a game she plays
It's just a goodbye joke

She's just goin' downtown shopping
She'll bring me back some sporty clothes
'Cause I'm always on her mind
No matter where she plans to go

If I thought she was gone forever
Lord, I'd find me a hangin' rope
That's why I'm drifting now
It's just a goodbye joke

Ain't it funny the sense of humor
A woman can have sometimes?
Especially that lovely woman of mine

Hey, bartender won't you bring me a drink
'Cause I still like [unverified]
On the words she wrote
In her little goodbye joke

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